5 Minutes for future you: Keeping up with your annual appointments

Senior white male doctor examining white woman with blonde hair, listening to chest with stethoscope

Regular checkups are important for everyone, from newborns to senior citizens. Whether it’s for your eyes, teeth or general health, an annual checkup can help establish a baseline for your health, identify potential issues early on and prevent future problems.    These visits also help you establish a good relationship with your providers, which supports […]

Supporting a loved one through a difficult diagnosis

Rear view of senior man lovingly embracing woman in a group with other older adults

When a loved one receives a difficult diagnosis, it can feel overwhelming, painful and difficult. We’re wired to want to support the people we care about but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to do, no matter how much we care about the person. While there’s no real roadmap, you can definitely support your […]

Why your annual well-woman visit matters

Female patient having appointment with doctor

Getting a checkup even when you’re generally healthy is crucial to maintaining your good health, and that’s especially important when it comes to your annual well-woman exam. Usually scheduled with an OB-GYN physician, a well-woman visit focuses on health maintenance and disease prevention. Whether you’re a college student or past menopause, your OB-GYN can be […]