Kith + Kin

Sharing Topics and Notebooks Individually

Part of being in control of your information — especially your health information — is being able to share the right information with the right people at the right time.

Kith + Kin makes that possible.

We’re excited to share an updated feature that allows you to share specific items with the people who need them. Instead of sharing a whole notebook or profile, you now have even more control over your information.

To share a Topic:

  1. On the profile, tap on the topic you’d like to share and select Sharing

  2. Select Customize Permissions for this Topic

  3. Tap the green Add People to “Topic” button

  4. If you’re not connected with anyone, you can tap Add someone new to my Kith + Kin. If you’re already connected, they’ll be right there in your list for you to select.

  5. Choose the permission level you’d like to grant them and tap Let’s share!

You’ll notice them in the Current Permissions list for the topic. Remove or adjust their permissions anytime by tapping on their name! The pink custom permissions

To share a Notebook:

  1. While viewing the notebook you’d like to share, tap the […] menu on the top right

  2. Tap Sharing from the menu

  3. Complete the same steps as you would for a topic above!

Note that once you customize permissions for a topic or notebook, that item no longer gets included by default when sharing the profile.

Someone taking care of their aging parent can use Kith + Kin to share the appointment schedule with a neighbor who will sometimes give mom or dad a ride to the doctor. The neighbor doesn’t need to know about the appointment or why it’s necessary — and with Kith + Kin, you can make sure they don’t.

A parent of young children can share the kids’ full profiles with a partner, while only sharing allergies and medication list with a babysitter.

We want you to be able to organize your health the way you organize your life, and no matter who you care for or who cares for you, this tool puts you in control of your health and your information.

You’ve got this. And we’ve got you.