Securely create, store, organize and share health information.

Kith + Kin is your app for managing health that makes it easier to care for those you care about by sharing the right information with the right people at the right time.

Bring structure to the chaos of caring for others.

Instead of color-coded folders for each family member, reminders hurriedly scribbled on a sticky note, multiple text message threads, or incomplete information relayed to other members of your circle —  imagine a simple, secure, single place where you can store, organize and share important information.

No more workarounds or lost conversations.

Say goodbye to notebooks and group chats that aren’t secure or are hard to access later.

Stay organized and up-to-date for when you need a hand.

Lessen the load by having important information ready to share.

Share only what you want, with whom you want.

Share some information with some people and other information with other people, completely controlled by you.

Here's what our users have to say

As a new mom, having a place to keep track of all of my son's medical history is a godsend. I share all of his health info with my husband and my mom, which gives me peace of mind knowing that they have what they need in the event of an emergency. With Kith + Kin, they have a record of his vaccinations, previous doctor's visits, and all of the other critical health info necessary if they need to take him to the doctor or ER. I highly recommend this app to all the new moms out there!

Megan, 35

Circle includes husband, biological son, two step children, mother, and their dog

kith + kin health management app

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