How It Works

How to get started with Kith + Kin:

Who do you want to manage care for?

Create profiles for kids, pets, elderly parents, or anyone that you manage care for.

Invite other people to connect so it’s easy to share profiles and other information with them.

What information do you want to organize?

Start jotting down important notes, relevant medications, practitioners, appointments, or questions for your doctor.

To add your information, create Notebooks like Immunizations, Oncology Appointments, or Allergic Reactions and add your story.

Later, you can organize these into Topics – like Breast Cancer Journey or Asthma – as you would into a folder on your computer.

Enter important details like medications, practitioners, and appointments as Smart Items, so you can reference them in any notebook on that profile and easily find them again later.

How do you want to share profile information?

Open Sharing on any profile, topic, or notebook to share its contents with anyone.

Currently, Kith + Kin offers three permission levels so only those you choose can add to or edit information. Editing permissions is simple – just tap a name on the Sharing screen of the profile, topic, or notebook you’d like to change and make any adjustments. Any updates will immediately change, so you can rest assured your information is safe.



If you need a hand along the way, just tap the Help menu in the app, or visit our Help Center for support for common questions. You can also email hello@kithandkin.app for personalized support from a member of our team.

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