Your digital health companion

Whether you’re managing a chronic health condition for yourself or someone you love or you’re simply managing all the “stuff” that’s part of day-to-day health, Kith + Kin is here to help you get a handle on it.

All your people, all in one place

No more spiral notebooks, binders, pictures and notes on your phone. No more information lost in group text threads and emails. 

Instead, securely author, store, organize and share information with Kith + Kin.

 Why partner with Kith + Kin

For members

  • Spend less time on workarounds for managing health information for themselves and their circles.

  • Share some information with some people and other information with other people, completely controlled by them, so they can finally share information AND share the load.
  • Finally have a place that includes YOUR side of the story — because it matters as much as the information.

For organizations

  • Reduce the stress of organizing, managing and sharing health information

  • Empower members and others to feel confident and in control of managing health.

  • Enable people to advocate for themselves or loved ones when they have all the right information at their fingertips.

Getting started is easy

  • Registration is simple, and members can use the tool for any type of health information..

  • We’ll provide a communications toolkit to help get your employees on board and engaged

  • Registration is simple and the tool is fully portable like an HSA or 401(k) so this benefit grows with them AND goes with them.

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