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Meet our Co-Founders, Amanda and Jill  

We are two very different people. We have different strengths. Different work styles. We’re different ages, come from different backgrounds, and live in different parts of the country. We have different family structures, interests, and we have really different opinions on food. One of us has biological and adopted kids. The other is a pet parent. Yes, we’re different.

As different as we are from one another, we share a common problem: it is way too difficult to care for our people. 

In most families and friend circles, there’s a certain person who acts as an advocate, advisor, and administrative assistant for doctor’s appointments, medication reminders, the making of binders and homemade filing systems. We know because each of us is that go-to person in our own circles. And yet, it is way too difficult to care for our people.

Jill has better tools to manage her daughter’s travel volleyball commitments than she does to manage her family’s chronic conditions. Amanda is the spreadsheet-er, data-synced-on-every-device-r with the best of them, and yet she still can’t figure out a way to help her family help her in caring for her ailing mother. 

Simply, it shouldn’t be this difficult.

While sitting around a kitchen table in early 2020, our differences inspired a vision, and we knew we had to take action. We built Kith + Kin with the knowledge that our circles vary, and often overlap. Families aren’t always biological or nuclear or even permanent. Friends are sometimes the ones who meet us in our most fragile moments. At Kith + Kin, we believe that the most important thing we can do is help you care for those you care about.

We are committed to helping every circle of family and friends, framily, and caregivers. Whether co-parenting children in two households, managing an aging parent with your siblings, or trying to keep your kid’s immunizations and school forms in a safe & secure place, Kith + Kin is here for you, providing you with an easy-to-use tool that empowers you to care for those you care about. We see you. We’ve got you. We are here for you (and your Kith + Kin)

We’re deeply grateful for the friends and family who shaped our product and our lives and we’re excited to share both with all of you.

Amanda + Jill

The Team

Jill Michal

Co-Founder & CEO

Amanda Havard

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Mike Mangos

Chief Technology Officer

Erica McFaul-Erwin

Head of UX & Design

Jeff Cummings

Business Development

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