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Simplify the back-to-school health information routine

Simplify the back-to-school health information routine

As parents get kids ready to go back to school, they’re also getting all of the kids’ stuff ready for back-to-school, including important health information. 

You know your kids had all the necessary back-to-school checkups, exams and immunizations last year — but when exactly? And when are they due again? As you’re making this year’s appointments and gathering documents, it’s a great time to get all of that information organized. (After all, you’ll need it again next year!) 

Kith + Kin gives you an easy, convenient way to store and organize your child’s health information, from appointments to records to notes. Use a simple back-to-school health checklist as a guide and add details to Kith + Kin so the information is always there when you need it. 

What to save

  • Appointments — Add your child’s most recent health appointments to Kith + Kin, and never lose track of when they’re due for their next. You’ll also save time and avoid playing phone tag with the doctor’s office to find out when your child had their last physical for school or sports. 

  • Documents — Along with appointments, use Kith + Kin to easily save documents and notes to reference later. Snap a picture of your child’s contact lens or glasses prescription and add it to your Kith + Kin to more easily reorder contacts or get a backup pair of glasses. Tip: Having these prescriptions handy makes it easier to order from online discount retailers; most require a copy of the prescription with your provider’s signature to complete the order.

What users are saying

“Today I filled out the first day verification packets for my kids’ school and had to complete the form for when they had their last dentist and pediatrician visit. It took me just one minute to look them up in Kith + Kin instead of the 30 minutes to call. All I did was create a topic for each provider and put the visit dates in a notebook so I could find them later.”

— Jill, mom of two high-schoolers

  • Immunization records — How many times have you been asked about your kids’ immunizations on forms for sports, clubs and travel? And how many times did you just ballpark a month and year because you weren’t sure exactly when they were vaccinated? Adding their records or simply making a note of the dates in Kith + Kin can save you the hassle of calling the doctor’s office to confirm the information.
  • Health conditions — Whether you’re seeing your child through a major diagnosis, a food allergy or just a regular cold, there’s always something to remember and share. While it’s smart to store this info in Kith + Kin for your own reference, it’s also helpful if you have a babysitter or other help with the kids after school. You’ll have the flexibility to share only the information you want them to have to keep your child healthy and happy.

We know back-to-school can feel overwhelming, but taking just five minutes now to add, organize or share some of these details can reduce some of that stress next time you need to know any of this information. Future you will thank you!

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