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Your health information, in your control and at your fingertips

Your health information, in your control and at your fingertips

When was your child’s last doctor visit and when is their next? Where are the orders for your dad’s bloodwork and the documents showing results? What tests did your doctor mention during your last physical, and what follow-up do you need? Who’s helping you keep track of all of this information, and when did you send it to them?

How many places would you have to look to find those answers?

With Kith + Kin, the answer is one. Our app puts you in control of your own health information and the health information of the people you care for and care about. Whether you’re working through a major diagnosis or just managing the day-to-day health of people in your circle, we’ve got you.

When it comes to health information, you might have some people you want to share everything with — a spouse, a co-parent, a sibling — but you likely want to share some information with some people and some information with other people. Right now, we know you’re doing that through text messages to three different babysitters, phone calls to your mom and dad, an email here and there to a friend, maybe even a binder of notes and documents carefully passed between those who need it. 

Kith + Kin makes it easy to share the right information with the right people at the right time, from one easy-to-use app. For example, you can make your partner or spouse a co-manager of your kids’ profiles so you both have full access to their info, but choose to share just an “in case of emergency” notebook with a grandparent who sometimes watches the kids after school. Share your pet’s feeding and walk schedule with a dogsitter, but keep the details of their health conditions and medication private. Give your dad’s neighbor access to emergency contacts without also sharing details of his health conditions.

What you share and with whom is always completely up to you. And because our circles can change over time, all sharing permissions are revocable at any time.

We’re here for you and with you, to empower you to take control of your information. You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

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