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September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month — it’s the most common cancer among men, affecting 1 in 8 men during their lifetime. All men are at risk, with a higher risk among Black men and men with a family history. 

Because all men’s risk increases with age, the American Cancer Society recommends men with average risk talk to their doctor about screening for prostate cancer beginning at age 50, but knowing the symptoms is important at any age.

Knowing the symptoms is just part of the equation, though; you also need a way to keep track of any symptoms you might experience.

Kith + Kin gives you a tool to securely track any concerns or symptoms you notice — and keeping track of symptoms in one place can help you and your doctor see patterns that could indicate a need for more screening.

Resources on prostate cancer:

In Kith + Kin, you can also add questions to ask your provider, and having those questions handy ahead of an appointment can make it easier to begin a discussion. It’s easy to get nervous in an appointment or feel rushed and forget to ask questions or bring up symptoms, even when you know the importance of talking to your doctor.

Research shows that many men experience shame and stigma as a result of prostate cancer, and some men might be reluctant to bring up concerns with their doctor due to cultural or social expectations around keeping reproductive health matters private. 

Experts say the solution to reducing stigma is building awareness and increasing education around prostate cancer and urinary health, but the key is talking about it with other men. While that might be difficult, starting simply by writing down questions and concerns to bring up with your doctor can help you become more comfortable having those discussions and taking control of your whole health

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